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Managed VPS Domain Hosting Plans and Pricing

EAWF provides powerful, secure, business grade, yet affordable Internet hosting, including database driven web sites that allow your business to appear as polished and professional as your competition. Whether you want to do the web site development yourself, or have my skilled team develop your online business*, I'm sure you'll find EAWF your solution for your online needs.


For simple or personal web sites that only require some basic informational web pages and a few eMail accounts, this is a great way to go.


For sites requiring pages that change on the fly(dynamic pages), or are driven by a simple database, perhaps a simple online shopping cart, this is the plan for you.


For more sophisticated online product catalogs and sales, this plan gives you the storage necessary for all of your needs, and also allows you to have your customers upload graphics, documents, etc. to you to make life a bit easier.


For large commercial operations, collaborative documentation, online databases, and pretty much anything you want to do on a single server.

All of my web sites are managed, meaning that I manage the server, as well as the domain names and the other technical details required by your domain. Hosting includes the price of the domain name itself, which I handle so that you don't have to worry about it.

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Why are there no statistics listed above like Bandwidth, drive space, eMail limitations? Frankly, not one of my customers has EVER hit any of the limits that are advertised by other web hosting companies. Each and every one of my customers receives as much bandwidth, hard drive space, numbers of eMail addresses, number of eMails per month, that they can possibly use, I PROMISE it.

That's not to mean that I don't have limitations, because I do. I don't tolerate sites that exist to solely deliver spam. The same goes for sites that publish materials that are copyrighted by others, such as audio or video files. The rule is, if YOU created it, I'm happy to have you serve it to the world. The last limitation deals with hateful, racist, or illegal media, pictures, text, etc. While I will die attempting to protect your right to free speech, I am also required to comply with US law and submit to any legal warrant served to me. I feel strongly that it's YOUR obligation to protect ME by making sure that the content you post will not possibly result in a warrant being served to me because of something you did. If you're not sure, then call me and let's figure out something that will work for both of us.

* My web team includes myself, a programmer/designer, contracted programmers, graphic designers, and other web professionals.

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