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May 2017

As it's half way between Spring and Summer, it's the perfect time for making changes to your business, your web site, and your life. For example, here at EAWF we're in the process of migrating to an upgraded server that will offer more and better support for our customers, plus consolidate some services that we currently have set up on different platforms. Watch your eMail for more news about this upgrade.

For updating your web site, you might want to think about checking links, updating pictures, making sure that your content is presenting the correct image that you want to your site visitors.

If you don't have a web site set up for your awesome business idea, then get in touch with me soon to get your online office space set up. I have a whole new package deal for you coming soon that will only cost $9.95 per month, with discounts to US Veterans and Seniors, so you're really running out of excuses not to start getting your business off the ground. Watch this page for updated information about this valuable service.

I look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.


To Our Business Customers

We are working to set up a new online support system for your technical support and programming needs. As always, for our customers, this service will be included in your service package. We will have more information for you soon, so keep coming back for updated information.

Internet connectivity, Server, and eMail Privacy remain an issue. We have written confirmation from our vendors that they will only allow access to your servers should there be a specific and verified warrant issued for access, and only allow such access to information as is specified in the warrant. The information you provide on your web site is already public, but, if you have eMail services with EAWF and are storing your eMails on the server, those eMails may be the object of a warrant. In order to be safe, the best way to handle eMail is by utilizing an eMail client loaded on your PC, which removes the eMails from the server when you retrieve them.

If you have questions or concerns about your eMail privacy, call our Support Desk at 253.576.1686.

For Our Park Friends

The 2016-2017 season is over and the Snowbirds are for all intents, gone for the summer. The pool will be under a renovation by an outside contractor, making the decking and the Lanai area a bit safer.

Summer Events: A group of us full timers are considering activities to entertain, delight, and otherwise provide an alternative to staying at home during the summer. If you're interested in joining in the fun, please contact Bob at his contact number on the contact page.

Computer Users Group: The Computer Users Group will be on vacation for the summer and resume in early September. We urge you to keep in touch by eMail. As always, Bob is available for assistance with your issues on a "by appointment" basis.

As always, for the latest information about the Phoenix Metro RV Park Computer Users Group, visit the web page linked above marked PMRVPCUG.

Thanks for visiting EAWF! To find out more information about our business and the services we provide, please click on the menu links at the top of this page. Thanks in advance for allowing us the priviledge of earning your business.

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