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Since 1979, EAWF has been providing personalized business IT services such as Web Hosting, IT Support & training, Bitcoin education, and many other digital and analog services to businesses and communities like yours. We also provide online business incubation and planning tools. Click on the links to learn more about us.


Bitcoin - We're working on providing easy to use methods that will allow anyone with a Bitcoin HD Wallet to accept payments by Bitcoin. Visit our Bitcoin Merchants Toolbox Repository for more information.

Web Sites - We're working on moving our web sites to new servers, removing outdated information, adding new information, and adding new features. Let us know how we're doing! We welcome your feedback.


Learn About Money! - It's becoming clear that the US Financial System is about to undergo major upheavals or absolute failure. You, your family, and friends should learn about money here and here, and learn to protect your wealth here, ASAP! And always remember that we can teach you about money and bitcoin, and how to protect your wealth using bitcoin at our, Phoenix Crypto Coach web site

We use Linux. - In our 40 years of experience with Computer Operating Systems (OS), we have found that Linux IS better than any other OS due to not only it's cost(free), but its security, stability, and the awesome range of other quality, open-source software tools available.

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